Gold prices ended the U.S. day session lower on some profit-taking pressure Wednesday, following recent gains. Source: Kitco

Most gold-mining companies should be in the black when they report their third-quarter earnings, although they may not be as profitable as the prior quarter due to lower gold prices, said Dan Denbow, portfolio manager of the USAA Precious Metals and Minerals Fund (USAGX). Source: Kitco

Gold Sells Off in Mid-Morning U.S. Trading

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Gold prices have moved to moderately lower levels at mid-morning, after trading near steady at the opening of the U.S. Source: Kitco

McEwen Mining Inc.(NYSE, TSX: MUL) lists the following highlights of a feasibility study for its Gold Bar Project in Nevada: low initial capital of $60 million, attractive IRR of 20% at current gold price, average annual gold production of 65,000 ounces, and estimated average cash cost of $728 an ounce. Source: Kitco

Gold prices are trading near steady in early U.S. dealings Wednesday. Source: Kitco

Barclays describes the tone of this week’s annual London Bullion Market Association conference as “cautious,” with the outlook on prices “subdued but not overly bearish.” Source: Kitco

China Stock Market Sees Big Sell-Off.

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Gold prices are slightly lower in early U.S. trading, as chart consolidation continues to be featured. Gold and silver market bulls still have the near-term technical advantage. Source: Kitco

HOUSING bubbles have a lot to answer for. The bursting of the US ‘subprime’ bubble in 2007-2008 triggered financial panic. Soaring house prices have been blamed for widening inequality. A new paper, from researchers at Chicago and Northwestern universities, adds another item to the charge sheet: a housing boom might stop your kids going to

The soft dollar is underpinning gold’s and other precious metals’ upward trend. Palladium is acting on its own, however. It is hard to determine the reasons for its recent strength. World manufacturing that requires it is growing, but not surging madly. Perhaps more and more fuel cells are being manufactured; palladium is a key element

Gold prices ended the U.S. day session modestly higher Tuesday, as traders bought the recent dip in prices. The near-term chart postures for gold and silver favor the bulls and continue to invite fresh buying interest in both metals. Source: Kitco