The Trans-Pacific Partnership: TPP, RIP?

by / Thursday, 18 June 2015 / Published in Economy

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My big fat Greek divorce

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership


A row over the Pacific trade deal is harming America’s economic and political interests

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THE world economy is undergoing revolutionary changes, John F. Kennedy told Congress in 1962. If America chooses to lead, it can shape new rules for an era of free trade and healthy competition. The Democrat who occupies the White House today makes the same case in defence of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-country trade pact. Barack Obama may yet prevail over the opposition of his own party as he seeks “fast-track” trade-promotion authority (TPA, confusingly)—the right to negotiate TPP and other trade agreements which Congress could then approve or reject, but not amend. However, the fight over TPP has already dented America’s leadership credentials, to say nothing of Hillary Clinton’s (see article).
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